Alpha Siguro A165BKF/S2 Security Safe
  • Recommended insurance cover of €6,000 cash or €60,000 valuables
  • High security double bitted VDS Class 1 key lock
  • Safe has passed S2 test for security
  • 10mm solid steel door and 5mm body
  • Up to 30 minutes fire protection
Asec Security AS6009 Underfloor
  • Overnight Insurance Cash Cover: €4,000
  • Valuables Insurance Rating: €40,000
  • Key lock
  • Colour: Dark Grey
  • Comes with 2 years warranty from the manufacturer
Sentry F2300 Waterproof Fire Chest
  • Portable, lightweight fire chest
  • Independently tested and certified
  • Also protects CDs, DVDs and USB drives
  • Secure key lock with 2 keys
  • Designed for A4 size paper
  • Suitable for protecting CDs & DVDs
  • Fire Rating for Paper: 60 mins
  • Fire Rating (Data): 60 mins
Guardwell S2 Size 1 to 5

The Euroguard is one of the best value home/office safes on the market today. Unlike many other safes they are independently certified to EN 14450-S2 4k cash rating, a requirement of many insurance companies. For added protection against fire, they have been tested to withstand fire for 30 minutes

To ensure EN 14450-S2 compliance, these Euroguard safes have been fitted with EN1300 double bitted high security keylock. A high security electronic combination lock can be fitted as an optional extra.

These safes can be bolted down to a wall, a floor or both.

Chubb Cobra Size 2

The Chubb Cobra series is available in a range of five sizes and has a recommended cash rating of 4,000 or valuables rating of 40,000*. They are also 30 minutes fire resistant for paper tested to Japanese Industrial Standards.

The safes are fitted with a high security double bitted key lock as standard, supplied with two keys. They have been tested to level S2 of the stringent European EN 14450 theft protection standard. A vast array of locking upgrades including electronic or mechanical dial combination locks are also available.

All models are ready prepared for floor fixing.

Chubb Omega Deposit Safe 1K

The Omega Deposit from Chubbsafes is ideal in any situation where items and valuables need to be quickly and easily secured without having to first open the safe door. This in turn means increased security for staff and the contents of the safe.

Its large deposit mechanism makes the Omega suitable for larger items such as envelopes or packages. Items dropped into the safe cannot be removed via the deposit drawer thanks to the anti-fishing device. Meanwhile, the 10mm thick steel door is secured by a bolt system operating on 3 sides of the door.

Available in two sizes, the Omega Deposit can be fitted with either a standard double bitted key lock or an electronic lock.

This range was formerly known as the Secureline Secure Safe Deposit.

Alpha Siguro A690BEF
  •  Recommended insurance cover of €6,000 cash or €60,000 valuables
  • High security double bitted VDS Class 1 key lock
  •  Safe has passed S2 test for security
  •  10mm solid steel door and 5mm body
  •  Up to 30 minutes fire protection
  •  Ready prepared for floor fixing (bolts supplied)
  •  Suitable for home or business use
Chubb Sovereign Elite Safe
  • £6,000 to £17,500 cash rating
  • Constructed using Chubbsafes revolutionary new lightweight barrier material
  • Recommended cash rating of up to £17,500 (Grade II)
  • Tested and certified by the ECB.S to European standard EN1143-1
  • Offers 60 minutes fire protection for documents (Grades 0-I only). Tested and certified to European Standard EN 1143-1
  • Supplied with a high security EN1300 approved class A keylock or class B S&G electronic lock
  • Manufactured in accordance with Quality Management System 9001:2000
  • Can be customised with locking options and fitting options (e.g. shelf, drawer)
  • New modern design with a contemporary two tone satin finish
    Available in a comprehensive range of product sizes
Chubb Sovereign Deposit Safe
  • Up to £100,000 cash rating
  • High quality deposit safe constructed from modern high specification materials
  • Recommended cash rating of up to £100,000 depending on model
  • Deposit feature allows multiple users to constantly deposit cash and
    valuables securely whilst the main body of the safe remains locked
  • Deposit drawer secured by double bitted key lock
  • Can be customised with locking options
  • Maximum deposit size 145mm x 398mm x 245mm (H x W x D)
  • Manufactured to ISO 9002 accredited quality controlled process

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