Locksmith Clondalkin & Dublin 22

We choose the best locks we can find to help guarantee the security of the things we hold dear, so what happens when the legitimate owner is locked out? We call a locksmith. For a city like Dublin, finding a locksmith is bound to be easy. However, there are precautions that you need to take to ensure that you get quality service in Clondalkin and all of Dublin 22

  1. Hire a local locksmith: A local locksmith will most likely have clients that you may find easily if you have the time to research before hiring. Hiring locally will also cut extra expenses such as traveling costs that you may have to pay to the locksmith.
  2. Ask how the locksmith plans to tackle the work: A professional locksmith will attempt to get the work done with minimum interference to the lock. A professional will suggest picking the lock before they have to suggest intrusive measures such as drilling.
  3. Ask for a charge sheet upfront: Using a combination of skill and experience with similar locks, an experienced locksmith will have an accurate charge ready upfront. This secures you from additional charges that may be fixed by unscrupulous professionals.


This short guide should come in handy the next time you, unfortunately, get locked out.

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Clondalkin Dublin 22 is a small town situated about 10 km from Dublin City Center, in the county of West Dublin. The name has also being used in relation to the area’s religious parishes.


Clondalkin Garda Station

Orchard Road, Clondalkin, Dublin 22.

+353 1 666 7600