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Closed Circuit Television or CCTV

CCTV stands for closed-circuit TV. It is an electronic system composed of a video camera which transmits signals to specific receiver monitors. The term CCTV can be applied to most video cameras, however it is most often used in surveillance areas that are in critical need of monitoring. These may include banks, military installations, airports, casinos, Hotel, supermarkets and or various commercial establishments.

A CCTV system may use a DVR, or digital video recorder, which can let its user record data. Users of this kind of recording may opt to vary the performance and quality of the video along with other features including mail alerts and motion detection.

Mobile Monitoring

Some newer recent installations of CCTV cameras have been IP-based systems. IP cameras provide better quality, enabling its owners to monitor and view higher quality images form the cameras wherever they are. Some have been equipped with direct recording on storage devices attached to networks, internal flash which enables complete stand-alone operations, and megapixel sensors.

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